Permit Fees and Application Form for Membership and for Day and Week Visitor Permits

Please FIRST print out and THEN complete this application form...

Post the completed form and your cheque made payable to Llandysul A A Ltd, to:

Llandysul Angling Association, Rm 101, Porth Hotel, Llandysul, Ceredigion SA44 4QS

If you require day or week permits, please enclose the appropriate fee as detailed below. To join as a full member, please enclose your joining fee of £15 (unless paid previously, or you are joining as a junior or student member) and your membership fee (see below), plus one passport-size photograph of yourself (not required for juniors / students). The photograph will be attached to your membership card.

I hereby apply for membership of Llandysul Angling Association as an adult*/student*/schoolchild* member; or for a Week*/Day* Permit.

Fees, 2016


Adult Full Membership (Please enclose a passport-sized photograph, which we will affix to your Membership ID Card).

New member add £15 joining fee.



Pensioner Member (at least five years as a full member to qualify) - renewal application



Trout Fishing Only; beats above Lampeter Bridge only (Day)



Trout Fishing Only, Season Permit, restricted to beats upstream of Lampeter Bridge



Social (non-fishing) Membership for club members now unable to go fishing



Disabled Angler Membership (fishing only on the Tyrdref beat with its special wheelchair accessible casting platform)



Joining fee (Adult Full Members only)



Student membership (A photocopy of the NUS card is required as proof of eligibility)



Junior under 16 trout fishing membership



Day permit (available between 3rd March and 31st August)



Week permit (between 3rd March and 31st August)



Week permit (between 1st September and 17th October)





For Day/Week permits please state required date(s):



I enclose my cheque for the above sum made payable to Llandysul A A Ltd.

Signed ____________________________________________________ Date ___________________

Full Name _________________________________________________

Address    ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Post code _________________ Phone _________________________

Email: _______________________________________ (please check very carefully for accuracy)

If you are willing to receive Llanydsul AA information by email, including Current Affairs, please make sure you have provided your email address above - our aim is to be as green and paperless as possible.

Please indicate if you have a preference for an even- or an odd-numbered ticket Some popular poos and beats may only be fished on odd afternoons and evenings/even mornings if your ticket has an odd number, or even afternoons and evenings/odd mornings if yours is an even-numbered ticket.

Please send me:  Odd Number* / Even Number* / No preference* - (*delete as applicable)

Note: to avoid excessive pressure at peak times the number of fishing permits the club issues may be restricted


Rod licences

Everyone over 12 years of age needs a rod licence before they may fish in freshwater in England and Wales. If your only fishing is while on holiday, short-term licences are available for one day or for eight days. Rod licences are obtainable at post offices or via the Web at 

1. New Member Applications

People who have expressed an interest in joining Llandysul Angling Association are now invited to do so as new members.

Please post the following to either of the Permit Vendors listed below (section #3)

  • - Completed and signed application form (see above)

  • - Joining fee of £15 (if not previously paid)

  • - Annual subscription (see above) - cheques payable to Llandysul AA Ltd

  • - A passport-sized photograph (not required for Junior, Trout Only permits)

Your membership documents, maps, catch return card, rules booklet and permit will be posted to you. It usually takes around a week for processing and return

2. Membership Renewals

Existing members may renew by post (a large SAE speeds up the process) or by calling in personn to one of our Permit Vendors listed below. A new passport photograph is not required for renewals. Members renewing their subscriptions are requested to note that:

- Catch returns are required by 31st January (plain paper will do if you cannot find your reply-paid return card). A £10 surcharge is payable on renewals of membership if you catch return is not submitted by this date. By submitting your catch return promptly you avoid a lot of hassle and are automatically entered into our Catch Return Prize Draw.

- Subscriptions must be received by 3rd March; thereafter your place in the Association may be offered to a new applicant. If a place is available when you apply after that date, the joining fee of £15 will once more be payable.

3. Permit Vendors

New Member Applications and Membership Renewals:

Mr. Alan Williams, Hairdressers, 57 Bridge Street, Lampeter SA48 7AB.

Tel: 01570 422985 (Daytime only)

Mr. Andrew James, The Porth Hotel, Llandysul, Ceredigion SA44 4QS

Tel: 01559 362202

General enquiries and membership enquiries may be emailed to:

Non-urgent correspondence may be sent to Llandysul AA at the address below. (If you require a reply please remember to enclose a SAE)

Llandysul AA, Room 101, The Porth Hotel, Llandysul, Ceredigion SA44 4QS